Torch Carriers

You're Not Supposed To Be Here...

You were hired to carry the torch for a Heroic Adventurer. Now they’re dead & you’re trapped in a dungeon filled with monsters & dangers.

Use what you can find to defend yourself while you search for the exit.

Torch Carriers s a revolutionary “diceless” dungeon-crawling party-based adventure game for 1-4 players. The Chapter-based story system ensures that no two games will ever be alike.


You play the part of the Torch Carriers.  Unlike most dungeon crawlers, your character is not an epic hero trained in unique skills, covered in protective armor and armed to the teeth with custom weapons.  The Torch Carriers have a pack of basic supplies and a torch.  In order to survive the dungeon, complete the task, and escape you will have to use what you can find as you go.

Built on Wrectangle Games “Card Chaos” Gameplay Engine, Torch Carriers allows you to play world-class RPG adventures dictated by the cards you draw rather than the dice you roll.