Welcome to “Gelatinous Cubes Devour The World” from Wrectangle Games! In this game, you are finally able to live out your life-long fantasies of being a Gelatinous Cube. Famished from your travels underground, you emerge to devour the most delicious delicacies you can find – people. Travel from village to village eating everything in your path, or test your slimy grit against the heavily fortified Castle. The first player to masticate their way to 500 points wins!

What’s Included:

  • Player avatars: (6) translucent color cubes(Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple)
  • D6 Dice: (2) – 6 sided dice for working out Skirmishes
  • Map Tiles: (12)
  • Skirmish Cards: (54)
  • Slime Tokens & Negative Modifiers: Punch cards with colored Slime Tokens for each player color and punch cards with “-1” Negative Modifiers


"Great game that is easy and quick to learn and keeps you coming back for more! Just another awesome creation from Wrectangle!"
Mike M.
"It’s so fun to find a game that doesn’t take hours to lean and endless strategy to play - you just have fun, trash talk your opponents and laugh A LOT. Super fun game!!!"
Kati D.
“Gelatinous Cubes was a perfect blend of gambling, strategy, and simplicity. Super easy to set up, quick to play (over and over!), and no two games are ever the same. Highly recommend it for any age of player group!”
David C.
"We had so much fun, easy to learn, fun obstacles."
Jill J.
“I love this game and so do my kids. You don’t realize how satisfying it is to devour a town and all of the drunkards trying to defend it! It is also amazing how much a goat can ruin your whole day! Great game!”
Mike B.